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What We Offer

Customized solutions to fit your specific needs, whether you are newly diagnosed or living with challenges for many years. We offer weekly hour-long support groups and private sessions via zoom for those living with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, or other Chronic Conditions. 

Group sessions:

  • 1 hour long group discussions via Zoom

  • Facilitated by a licensed clinical professional with specific expertise

  •  You are skillfully placed with care 

  • Intimate setting with no more than 7 members per group

  • Build a family of support: celebrate wins and troubleshoot challenges with same members each week

  • Weekly themes to ground the conversation

  • We sustain and encourage each other 

**Research shows that support groups are one of the most effective ways to improve quality of life.**

Private Sessions:

  • Modified specifically for you 

  • Cognitive-behavioral based therapy that is goal and action oriented 

  • Weekly themes to ground the conversation based on your needs 



 As humans we are all looking for connection, whether it be in our relationships, in our partners or our community. This is a safe space, a relaxed atmosphere to talk about the things you can’t discuss with anyone else.


 Schedule a FREE private session to learn more.

This photo is from a zoom meeting. One of many support groups we run each week!

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