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In their own words...


"Multiple Sclerosis is a B....! Some days it is hard to pretend like everything is ok. Other days, everything is okay, at least for the moment. Mix the chaotic and unpredictable nature of MS with aging, normal human being challenges and just figuring out what you have to figure out and you will understand why being apart of Amanda's group is so special. I don't have to pretend to be anything. If I feel good, that is great. If I don't feel good, that is life and Amanda helps me navigate it all. Whether it is simple low impact movements, chatting with my group MS journey folks or responding to one of Amanda's thoughtful questions of the day, I am grateful to be apart of this community of people who face similar and different challenges all led by someone as knowledgable, caring and kind as Amanda."



"My relationship with Multiple Sclerosis has grown more in the last year with Amanda than it has over the past two decades since my diagnosis. Amazing to watch magic bloom out of an hour of space and a seed of intention."



"It's lonely having a chronic disease and this support group makes me feel less alone and heard. I feel better since starting this group because I'm connected with others I share something in common with. I love that there is a time scheduled *every week* where we get to connect. Amanda is an amazing person and excellent group leader. I'm so grateful to Amanda for bringing the group together."



"Nobody knows what it's like to have Multiple Sclerosis quite like someone else with Multiple Sclerosis. Whether or not the symptoms are shared, the experience of one's own body eating away at their brain and spine is one and the same. It is uniquely emotionally helpful to have a space where you feel seen, heard, and understood by other folks who "get it." I've created such a space with my YouTube channel NoStressMS and, luckily, have been apart if a group facilitated by Amanda for years. She is insightful, caring, nurturing and savvy enough to facilitate a safe space where you can feel comfortable trudging through the trials and tribulations of your chronic condition while also reveling in your triumphs."



"The weekly group meetings have taught me there are other people with the same symptoms, anxieties, and frustrations as myself. My illness have become less isolating, and my anxiety has decreased. It's great to know I have a place to go to talk and listen."



"I don't want to talk about Multiple Sclerosis all the time, but I need to talk about it some of the time. This group connects me to smart, normal people who are going through the same stuff I am."



"The groundless and limitless connection that these groups facilitate are wonderful beyond what I ever thought was possible. Amanda is a true angel. She creates magic and soulful energy in a way that brings people together. Through the research we learn together, along with the strong sense of friendship and support, this group is hands-down the most involved and impactful tool for living beautifully with a chronic illness."



"Amanda is so pleasant, friendly, and concerned about our welfare. I really enjoy talking with the group and listening to them talk. We have things in common that nobody else has or cannot understand."



"Each box on the zoom screen is a beautiful living breathing "square" and Amanda is a seamstress who sews the patches together. Making it a living breathing blanket that provides each of us with warmth and comfort."



"I don't know why, but zooming with a bunch of MSers every week makes having MS a quantum more bearable. I try to advocate for MS patients, and I've seen the difference therapy can make. Zoom was made for MS patients. Chronic Connections makes therapy accessible and affordable."



"I often call on Amanda and she is always there with the tools and resources, an uplifting "Atta Girl" or just to reinforce the calm and strength that I need to center myself. Her educational background, holistic and compassionate approach have caught me where I would have otherwise fallen through the cracks in learning to live with Multiple Sclerosis." 



"Speaking with Amanda each week has helped me to manage my anxiety and learning to live with a disability."



"Living with a chronic illness is really hard. As much as my "healthy" friends and family want to help, there are things they just can't truly understand. At Chronic Connection's weekly sessions I feel truly seen and heard, by others who know exactly what I am talking about! It provides a safe space where I can just be me, with zero judgement. I am grateful to have found Amanda and for the positive influence this group has had on my life!"



"Living with Multiple Sclerosis can be isolating and challenging, but Amanda's carefully curated group zoom sessions provides a safe space for individuals to feel seen, heard, and understood. Amanda is a knowledgeable, caring and nurturing leader who helps guide the group through the complex emotions that accompany living with a chronic illness. Amanda's group offers the unique emotional benefit that can only come from connecting with other who share a similar experience. Whether its through movement, conversation, or thoughtful questions, Amanda's leadership helps those of us living with chronic conditions develop and maintain a sense of community and hope."


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